2024 Recipients

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Zeeshan Khan

Champion of Diversity (Chilliwack) 

Zeeshan and his wife, GulRukh, moved to Canada with their three children in 2012. Previously in healthcare, he now works as a Child and Youth worker at Vedder Middle School, and a Support worker for the Chilliwack Society for Community Living.

Zeeshan also sits on the City’s Accessibility & Inclusion Advisory Committee, and is the Founder & Project lead of Streams Foundation, bringing people of different ethnic backgrounds, age, sexual orientation, ability, and religion together to make a difference in their community. In collaboration with the City of Chilliwack and other local organizations, they host trail and camp clean-ups, weekly gatherings for seniors, spring break camp for kids, and other free community events.

GulRukh Zeeshan and Rida Khan (right) accepted the award on Zeeshan Khan’s behalf. Mayor Ross Siemens represented award sponsor the City of Abbotsford.

Ishi Sharma

Youth Champion of Diversity (Abbotsford)

Ishi Sharma is a student at Yale Secondary, with plans to graduate in June 2024. Fueled by a profound passion for fostering mental well-being, she aspires to become a psychiatrist. As the first member of my family born outside of India, she is a bridge between cultures.

This passion propels her proudest initiative, EDI for Youth, a platform dedicated to promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion awareness among youth. Ishi is wholeheartedly committed to expanding her knowledge to achieve both her academic and personal aspirations. She is an ardent learner, a resilient community advocate, and an unwavering dreamer.

Ishi Sharma (Left) with the Abbotsford Board of Education Chair Shirley Wilson representing award sponsor Abbotsford School District

Sparrow Community Care Society

Effective HR Strategies (Abbotsford)

Sparrow Community Care Society is a dedicated resource for older adults experiencing homelessness in Abbotsford. As the first provider of a shelter specifically for older adults in the province, they offer a safe haven tailored to the unique needs of this demographic.

Their mission is rooted in the belief that every individual deserves dignity and respect, regardless of age or circumstance. At Sparrow Community Care Society, they are guided by principles of compassion, integrity, love, and justice as they strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of older adults in need.

Sparrow Community Care Society with Darrin Brown (Left) representing award sponsor WorkSafeBC


Tourism Mission

Innovative Initiative (Mission)

Tourism Mission is part of the Economic Development Department at the City of Mission. From its inception in 2019, Tourism Mission proudly stands as a youthful yet dynamic player in the travel and tourism landscape.

At the heart of their mission lies a dedication to serving the diverse needs of those seeking to travel, currently exploring, or reflecting post-trip. Tourism Mission builds a dynamic community, amplifying travel experiences and fostering connections – online and in-person. From innovative marketing campaigns to impactful community initiatives, their commitment to the spirit of exploration knows no bounds.

Lindsay Steffich of Tourism Mission (Right) with Susan Mide Kiss representing award sponsor UFV


Hippie Mike Industries

Inclusive Environment (Hope)

Hippie Mike Industries is here to raise skateboarders, create inclusive all age events, and bring communities together. They opened the Valley’s only indoor skate park in Hope in December 2020, operating 6 days a week and offering weekly lessons for children.

Working with multiple schools and other organizations, they serve the entire community from Vancouver to Kelowna on a regular basis. At the end of 2023 they established a non-profit society with hopes to bring more outside funding through grants and corporate sponsorships.

Mike Faux (Right) with Chilliwack Mayor Kevin Popove who presented the award on behalf of sponsor Envision Financial


Chilliwack Film Society

Diversity in Marketing (Chilliwack)

The Chilliwack Film Society is a non-profit society that runs both the Chilliwack Independent Film Festival and the Abbotsford Film Festival. Chilliwack.

The society was formed in 2017 and run exclusively by volunteers until this year. They serve the entire valley and beyond, with two thirds of their attendees coming from outside the area.

Their mission is to provide a platform for a diverse range of voices to be heard whilst also helping emerging filmmakers and artists get a start in the industry. They have had a number of BIPOC alumni go on to win awards and do incredible things and have sustaining jobs in the film industry.

2024 Nominees

Champion of Diversity

(Individuals ages 18+)

Nominees of this category work towards building an inclusive society.


  • Aaron Levy
  • Ali Slack
  • Augusta Gladstone
  • Bridget Findlay
  • Brigida Crosbie
  • Grant Miller
  • Harmanpreet Kaur
  • Ines Montoya
  • Karen Long
  • Leanne Cassap
  • Paige Waddell
  • Shannon Woykin
  • Tara Groves
  • Ted Yudelson
  • Zeeshan Khan – Winner

Youth Champion of Diversity

(Individuals ages 12-17)

Nominees of this category work towards building an inclusive society.


  • Ishi Sharma – Winner
  • Jasper Oberst
  • Aiyana Pullar-Dyck

Diversity in Marketing

Nominees of this category market and outreach to culturally diverse communities. This is an attempt to communicate different cultural norms, values and languages; and to reflect the diversity of the community.


Effective Human Resources Strategies

Nominees of this category recruit, maintain and provide ongoing support to a culturally diverse workforce reflecting the community.


Inclusive Environment

Nominees of this category embrace diversity and create a welcoming environment for culturally diverse groups in their organizations, businesses and schools.