About the Event Partners

Archway Community Services

Archway Community Services (formerly known as Abbotsford Community Services) is a non-profit, multi-service, multi-funded community based social service agency. Our mission is to foster community well-being and social justice through positive action and leadership.

Our 90+ programs serve everyone from expectant mothers to youth and seniors. We provide services such as counselling, legal advocacy and employment services. Since 1969, we have worked with a variety of community partners to help reduce poverty and increase community inclusion and diversity.

Chilliwack Community Services

Serving the community since 1928, Chilliwack Community Services provides a wide range of programs that reach out to all people from “twinkle to twilight”, living within Chilliwack and surrounding neighbourhoods.

As a long-standing member of the community, CCS has played a leading role in contributing to strategic social service planning for the area. It has solid relationships with virtually all not-for-profit organizations, service clubs, church groups and community resources. At the regional/provincial level, CCS is a contributing member of several social service networks and associations.

Mission Community Services

At Mission Community Services Society, they are a team of professional staff and volunteers led by a Board of Directors dedicated to supporting our residents to achieve or maintain their sense of independence.

They build inclusive and healthy partnerships and support and empower people to be contributing members of our community. MCS work hard to find effective long term solutions to complex problems and most importantly we are committed to our vision of Helping People, Changing Lives, and Building Community.

New Directions English Language School

New Directions has a vision was that each and every person has the right to love their work. Within this mission, New Directions has planned, organized and delivered programs to youth, women, immigrants, incarcerated individuals, parolees, employers, and organizations.

For over 20 years, New Directions has been commended for quality of service, financial accountability, integrity, and the ability to develop and maintain community partnerships. The Administrative, Supports, and Teaching Personnel of New Directions must meet the highest standards of Certification and Security Clearance.

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